Diligent Driver Employee Rights

Did Diligent Misclassify Drivers as "Independent Contractors"?

We believe it did—and that drivers are entitled to all of the benefits of being an employee under California law, including overtime, reimbursement of expenses, like mileage costs, vehicle maintenance, and repairs, and many other protections.  A new decision by the California Supreme Court sets a high bar for classifying workers as “independent contractors,” and we don’t believe that Diligent can meet it.  To learn more about the lawsuit we filed challenging Diligent’s misclassification of drivers as “independent contractors,” read the complaint.

What Can I Do to Get Reimbursed for the Money Diligent Might Owe Me?

You may be able to ask a court or arbitrator to be reimbursed for expenses and to get the other protections employees are entitled to under California law.  If you want to learn more, please complete this confidential questionnaire, and a lawyer will contact you to discuss your options.

How Do I Find a Lawyer to Represent Me?

If you are interested in speaking to a lawyer about your claims, or want your questions answered, please complete this confidential questionnaire and a lawyer will contact you.